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London based singer / songwriter Adam Tedder is releasing his debut single It'll Be Soon / Eastern Girls . A prolific writer with a schizophrenic style, his inspired live performances have been compared to that of a grandiose Jeff Buckley! Adam, however, has a unique talent that combines soul searching lyrics and exquisite melodies that enter your heart, leaving you a better person. .... Adam describes 'Eastern Girls' as "bravely, brutally but not bitterly moving on" and lead track 'It'll Be Soon' as "dealing with living only in the hope of a foretold future". Singing songs of sadness, this is music that wrings you dry. Intimate songs that sound big (the tracks were mastered at Abbey Road Studios), Adam always leaves you with a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. .... Oh, and if the name seems familiar, then you've spent too much time glued to the television, as Adam also works as an actor. Most recently he played the psycho Serbian war criminal goalkeeper Lazlo Vig on the ITV1 series, Mike Bassett Manager. A role far removed from his uplifting songs.


London based singer/songwriter Adam Tedder is going down the currently popular download road with 'It'll Be Soon / Eastern Girls'. Should do well, methinks! Certainly, 'It'll Be Soon' is an uplifting sounding works that's cries quality and Tedder's performance is melodic precision personified; it's awesome production allows the listener to get to grips with the man's lyrics even allowing for the 'big' orchestral arrangement over slightly fuzzy guitar that gives this work a massive presence. 'It'll Be Soon' has the feel of a 'modern classic' about it. It's almost anthemic structure pulls the listener gently in without the use of undue force. It's a cleverly worked track to sit and enjoy. 'Eastern Girls' is almost totally juxtaposed to the first track. Much more raunchy but equally addictive it's a bit of a musical rollercoaster ride that creeps up on you without you realising it - a worker! As a songwriter, Adam Tedder seems to have it down to a fine art. Vocally there's something very appealing in the man's voice and if the credits are anything to go by he can certainly play (piano, guitars, bass and keyboards!). A very talented all-rounder by the look of it! It'll be interesting to see just how this pans out as a download release; it does seem that right now it's almost easier to gain recognition via the internet than it is through the 'old school' method which includes the tedium and pitfalls of promotion and almost uncontrollable rigours of hard, cash sales from retailers. Artistically, Tedder has everything nicely in place - now it's down to networking to see how it develops. Good luck is what I say!


One of those ethereal, barely in existence, download only single, thingys that occupy bytes rather than space, this is one I would make an exception for. If I didn't rather smugly have a promo CD. When I first heard these songs a couple of months back I was rather smitten. And the intervening weeks has only raised them in my estimation. Prepare yourself to fill up as the heartrenching melody of "It'll Be Soon" kicks in. And just when you're gulping for air, the strings kick in. Git. "Eastern Girls" takes a different approach as the schizophrenia arrives. One part Polyphonic Spree to one part indie rock, you won't know whether you're coming or going.


''Gorgeous balladry, equally tender and almost cosmic sounding - for fans of Keane''


Adam Tedder is a London based singer/songwriter who also works as an actor. He also designed the front sleeve artwork for this debut single. These tracks were mastered in no less than Abbey Road Studios, the mecca of the music world: impressive for a debut, download only double-A single. Is he a jack of all trades and a master of none though? 'It'll be soon' will not grab the listener's attention immediately. After a few listens though you might just be rewarded with a beautifully composed song. It's got a subtle and yet effective piano tinkling in the background throughout it accompanied by some beautiful string arrangements. The lyrics, which are obviously based on thoughts about religion/the afterlife, leave you feeling quite sad but in a kind of good way. Adam's vocals are really soothing and this is a 'lie down on your bed and listen' track. You can't stay in a contemplative mood for too long however as 'Eastern girls', the other song on this release, has a totally different vibe and subject matter. It starts out sounding slightly like 'Wuthering Heights' but soon gathers pace and turns into an indie rock track. And where the vocals were gentle in 'It'll be soon', Adam's voice in this song has more attitude, for want of a better word. His vocal performance is varied throughout this track. Mr Tedder states that 'Eastern Girls' is about 'bravely, brutally but not bitterly moving on.' The two singles make for quite an interesting contrast and after several listens to this debut release I think it will be hard for anybody to define his music, based solely on this offering. If Tedder keeps producing this kind of work he may become a master of at least one trade for a selected audience. With downloads being lovingly accepted into the arms of the music charts, he may just find recognition will come soon.


London based singer/songwriter Adam Tedder is someone who certainly knows how to bang out an upbeat pop tune or two, one of those melodic types who's been raised on a diet of The Beatles and The Beach Boys by the sounds of things here. Latest single IT'LL BE SOON finds the tuneful Londoner cranking out some bouncy piano chords, coming up with a sound somewhere between the Beatles and a happier version of Coldplay. Full of upbeat charm, IT'LL BE SOON is a song wallowing in the simple pleasures; a big chorus and plenty of sing along moments the order of the day here. Flipside EASTERN GIRLS finds Tedder attempting to meld Elton John, Rufus Wainwright and Blur; operatic vocals, melodramatic piano work and punky choruses..........'' Adam Tedder is a solid singer/songwriter turning out songs full of catchy choruses and upbeat sentiment. IT'LL BE SOON / EASTERN GIRLS is a decent enough single and a fine pop song......''


Bit part actor Adam Tedder (he once played a psycho, Serbian war criminal, goalkeeper on ITV's Mike Bassett Manager - you couldn't make this sh*t up) has decided to channel his energy into a new format: Namely his debut, downloadable only, AA single 'It'll Be Soon' and 'Eastern Girls'. 'It'll Be Soon' takes its simple lyrics and jazzes them up, with the help of a cello and piano accompaniment, which act as the perfect complement to Tedder's dulcet vocals. Reminiscent of early 90's pop act Lighthouse Family, both tracks emit a breezy atmosphere, and herald in the New Year with aplomb. Despite this, Tedder occasionally sounds like he is holding back, something which, should he dissuade, will only serve to make his next musical outing stronger.

(Rating: 4/5 by Zaineb Al Hassani

Available on download only as a double A side recorded at no less than Abbey Road. Adam Tedder is not only an accomplished singer/songwriter he's also an actor, you may have seen him in Mike Bassett Manager the TV series, when it was screened on ITV, he played a serbian goalkeeper. It'll Be Soon is a lovely well written song, really easy to listen to, it has a sad feeling but the music is strangely uplifting at the same time. Eastern Girls starts with a piano which sounded like it was about to burst into Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. However as it gets going this is a much more rock oriented song but with lovely melodies. Its not that I don't like the current trend for guitar based bands, quite the opposite, it was however nice to hear someone happy and confident enough to be different. If this is the standard we can expect from Mr Tedder then I look forward to hearing more from him with perhaps a full album soon.

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